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Jayati Guerra
I wear my stripes on my sleeve and keep my heart where it’s supposed to be
I know my enemy, only let my friends close to me

nameJayati Guerra//Kali
vessel age.30
date of birth.June 5 0000

occupation.Owner of The Last Stop

dating status.Married but seperated

parents.Lalital and Emir Bakshi
other family.{BLANK}

hair.Just past her shoulders, chestnut, wavy
eyes.Hazel normally, black during Frenzy
scars.Small cooking burn scars on her arms and hands, scarred and busted up knuckles.
PowerBattle Frenzy
It gets hard doesn’t it, like love and war is redundant
Both demand strong hands, strong stomachs

One Opposite Trait: Jayati was indecisive and submissive
One Similar Trait: Protective and Possessive of her people and her space

Jayati the bar owner is so different from Jayati of Before that some wouldn't recognize her if they met her now.

Before the Apocalypse, Jayati dreamed about being a woman like Kali. Sitting in a temple in bare feet with a rosary hidden in her purse. She was indecisive before, torn between one set of traditions and another, more than willing to go along with someone else who seemed sure of themselves.

Kali isn't like that though, the ability to survey a room, a group of people, or a battle and make a decision in a snap is alien to the body she inhabits now. It's helped her keep her territory and respect, thinking on her feet. Although sometimes Jayati's hesitance bleeds through, when certain people or children are involved.

However, Jayati's observation skills comes in handy, helps make Kali's decisions stronger and more reliable. Her curiosity about people also makes her a good bartender in this New World.

Unlike Jayati, Kali has a fierce anger inside her. It is often tempered by Jayati's calm that always balanced out her husband's passion Before, but not always. Her temper either manifests in a sharp, precise warning or a frenzy of destructive anger that only ceases when her opponent is unmoving and every bit of furniture in the area is in pieces. There is no inbetween.

Jayati's need to keep a meticulously neat and organized space contradicts greatly with Kali's chaotic nature. Because of that the Bar is organized, every bit of it known to her and kept just so, but her personal quarters are in shambles. It's an odd sort of compromise.

Both sides are protective and possessive of what is theirs. If you are one of her people she'll tear through anyone threatening you, it's hard to get in her circle but once you do it's damn hard to get out. Neither are particularly ambitious; they don't want the world at their feet, but if you break the rules on the space they've claimed you get one warning. Hopefully.

That being said if you manage to get on her shitlist, then you're there forever. No forgiveness, and she's definitely not forgetting. She can appear detached from the worries of the world outside her bar. Prefers not to get involved with the affairs of people outside of her circle unless it touches them or her space. Is usually amused or exasperated by things she sees as petty, to the point where it is offensive to some.

- Vulgar as fuck, and that's all Kali. But she'll hold her tongue when absolutely necessary, although be careful how you ask her to watch her language.
- As strange as it sounds, she loves jokes even though she doesn't consider herself good at them.
- Insults out of love, and threatens. Really, it's all in the tone.
- Fantastic at math, when she's calm.
- Favorite color is orange.
- Actually, really loves kids, and if a kid is being threatened then she will go from calm to frenzied with no warning.
- Direct. Kali isn't here to play word games or dance around things, and doesn't have the patience for those that try it with her.
-Affectionate with her friends, but doesn't like strangers touching her.
- Loves loud noise.
- Doesn't like smoking herself, but doesn't mind the smell.
- Dislikes and distrusts people who talk overly fast, perky people and salesmen.
- A really awful morning person, just awful.
- Doesn't sleep with her employees, but isn't above sleeping with a customer.
- Hasn't fallen in love since the Apocalypse, but Kali's passion combined with Jayati's willingness to give herself over to someone steady means if they do fall then they will fall hard.

Strengths: Professionally organized, strategically minded, excellent memory, observant, loyal, pragmatic, generous to those she cares about, curious, honest, independent,
Weaknesses: Personally disorganized, unforgiving, dependent on routine, possessive, unforgiving, stubborn, impatient, temperamental, unwilling to change, my way or the highway, tactless, apathetic to problems outside her standard purview,
I’m the first to issue an admission of my bad behavior
I’m a mouthy little drunk and I’m a tyrant when I’m angry

Power: Battle Frenzy. Jayati takes bloodlust to a new level, her eyes go black, her strength intensifies along with her reaction time and speed. Harder to injure, and when she is hurt it doesn't hinder her while in her Frenzy mode. This kicks in when she feels physically threatened, or when the safety of those she cares about is on the line. She has never hurt someone she doesn't mean to line this, however she has hurt her opponent worse than she planned and done more property damage than really required.

The longest this has ever lasted was half an hour, after which she was exhausted and injuries sustained during really hit her. It's unknown how long the Frenzy can truly last if it was required for it to last longer

Jayati is also stronger than the average bear, stronger than her size and musculature should allow. This is constant, though it increases when she's in Frenzy mode.


Before the world went to hell, Jayati dressed modestly, but well. Her family in India was well respected, and then when she became married she felt like there was a certain image to uphold there as well. Her clothes weren't expensive necessarily, but of good quality and matched well enough. Her hair was clean and well maintained in a feminine style, but makeup was minimum except when called for more.

Now, After, Jayati dresses with a focus towards the utilitarian. Her clothes are durable, heavy boots good on slippery floors and for being shoved against fragile joints. Leather jackets modified for protection when needed, and lots of pockets. She never wears makeup and her hair is usually up and out of her face, though kept long as a holdover from Before.

Jayati, in the days of Before, had no need for physical strength, and Kali doesn't need to rely on mortal muscles for power. However, that hasn't stopped her from putting her vessel through the rounds in the past year. Jayati now has enough toned musculature in her arms and legs both that people who have no idea what she is or her reputation still aren't eager to pick a fight, and her hands are rough from hard work and well. Making a point on the faces of a few fools who couldn't take a hint, and some walls as well.

Clumsy with company, careful with family
Break bones before promises, throw stone before towels

Vessel History

Jayati Guerra is no - was - a good daughter, and a good wife. The daughter of a Catholic Missionary and a happily converted mother who then became the wife of another. Jayati was raised in a certain world and she never really tried to get out of it. Content to work at her grandmother's restaurant when in India and assist her husband when he took her travelling to Spread the Word, no one would credit Jayati with an abundance of ambition.

This didn't surprise anyone. Jayati was an intelligent, but well behaved child who minded her parents well except for a love of exploring when they were out and about. Curious about the world, with an intuition about people that made her grandmother call her goddess touched, she was the sort that saw more than she let on. Torn between the religion of her father and the faith of the land she loved, she grew up trying to walk an impossible line between the two. Both sides of her family had an endless passionate for their heritage and history that she had trouble relating to.

When she met Roman, a man who clung to his Faith with the kind of fervor that one could only have if they had known nothing else, it was almost a relief. They became married in short order, with the hope they would fall in love one day but unconcerned if they didn't. She ran his house and bills in order, along with managing the children in whatever church he was currently attached to while he ran the spiritual side of things. They were married for three years, with Jayati secretly on birth control the entire time to prevent pregnancy. It wasn't that she didn't like children, but even here her stream of indecisiveness rose up. That, and a sneaking suspicion that Roman would allow the Church to consume their child and she would lose them to a love she had never really understood.

Shortly after their third anniversary, Jayati flew to DC to visit a friend from India who was moving to the States. That night the world ended, and the next day when her eyes opened she saw the world anew.

Mythological History

In the eyes of westerners, Kali is a goddess dark of mind, body and soul, a mysterious goddess of death and destruction. However her story is far more complex and far-reaching; she cannot be easily fitted into a typical western narrative of good verses evil, and in fact transcends both.

It is likely that Kali’s origins begin, as do the origins of most divine figures, with tribal folklore deeply rooted in the history of humankind. The name Kālī first appears in the Atharva Veda, a collection of hymns and mantras published between 1200 BCE and 1000 BCE. However she is not a goddess but rather a fierce black tongue, one of seven belonging to Agni, the god of fire. It is another 400 years before Kali is described as an individual in her own right, when she appears around 600 CE in the Devimahatmya as a battlefield goddess personifying the wrath of Durga. Her aspect at this time is terrible – a skeletal and frightening crone, coloured black (a literal interpretation of her name), wearing animal skins and carrying a khatvanga, the skull-topped staff associated with tribal shamans. Other texts of the period associate her beginnings with Shiva. The Linga Purana (500 to 1000 CE) describes how Shiva asks his wife Parvati to defeat the demon Daruka, whom only a female can kill. Parvati merges with Shiva, reappears as Kali and does the deed, but at a terrible cost; her bloodlust becomes uncontrollable, only calming when Shiva intervenes. The Vamana Purana (900 – 1100 CE) has a different version. When Shiva addresses Parvati as Kali, "the black one," she is affronted and performs certain austerities to lose her dark complexion, ultimately generating Kali as a separate entity.

Kali is often associated with Shiva. Her very name is the feminine form of Kāla, an epithet of Shiva, thus tying her inextricably to him. She is regarded as the shakti (power) of Shiva, and he her consort. She is closely linked with him in many of the Puranas and when she appears in these writings besides Shiva, she plays an opposite role to that of Parvati. While Parvati soothes Shiva, neutralising his destructive tendencies, Kali actively provokes and encourages him. As scholar David Kinsley states, “it is never Kali who tames Siva, but Siva who must calm Kali”.

In her earliest appearances, Kali was frequently associated with violent endeavours on the battlefields of the gods. In one legendary battle with the demon Raktabija, she is manifested by Durga to deal with a situation that has gotten badly out of hand. Every drop of blood spilled by the wounded Raktabija becomes a deadly fighting clone, but Kali turns the battle around and defeats him by draining his blood before it touches the ground, then devours his replicates. In this story she is brought in to play when decisive action is required, when dark deeds must be matched with dark deeds, when resolve must be shown - attributes not always associated in the west with the archetypal woman. In another story, Kali is summoned by a group of criminals who decide to sacrifice a human to her image in order to gain her favour. They unwisely choose a young Brahmin monk of upstanding character, however his saintliness shines so brightly that her statue is scorched in his presence. She manifests but proceeds to horribly kill her erstwhile worshipers by decapitating them and drinking their blood. Here, Kali demonstrates her refusal to be controlled by those who think they understand her and her triumph over the attributes of ignorance and evil, as well as the absolute impartiality of her nature.

While Kali was well integrated into the Vedic, or orthodox, Hindu tradition from the first, she also developed a parallel relationship with Tantra. Tantric teachings are a collection of ancient magical stories and folk practices that exist alongside the Vedic tradition, and could be considered to hold to the wild tribal origins of Kali more faithfully than the Vedic. One of the meanings of Kali’s name is “force of time”. In this aspect she is considered to stand outside of the constraints of space-time and have no permanent qualities; she existed before the universe was created and will continue to exist after the universe ends. Limitations of the physical world such as colour, light, good and bad do not apply to Kali. She is a symbol of Mother Nature herself – primordial, creative, nurturing and devouring in turn, but ultimately loving and benevolent. In this aspect of goodness she is referred to as Kali Ma, Mother Kali, or Divine Mother, and many millions of Hindus revere and worship her in this form. In Tantric meditation, Kali’s dual nature leads practitioners to simultaneously face the beauty of life and the reality of death, with the understanding that one cannot exist without the other. It is worth noting that Shiva, in his role of destroyer of worlds, also stands outside the boundaries of the physical universe and is well complemented by his association with Kali.

After The Apocalypse: Jayati carved out her own little space in this new world, staking her claim before the dust had even begun to settle. Kali was old, older than just about every other 'God' or 'Goddess' that stirred in this new world, and they knew it. Her age, and the amount of followers her Religion still garnered meant she was stronger than most. That being said, she made it clear early on that she didn't want a part in their petty squabbles.

Because of that, The Last Stop became a neutral meeting ground. You could pick up information, a job, or meet with a friend from an opposing faction there and get a good drink while you were at it. As long as you behaved. Her strength and lack of give-a-shit about what went on between the Others also meant she became hostess and sometimes referee to high profile negotiations and debates when the participants couldn't settle on anywhere else...and needed someone unbiased who could pull them apart. Who no one wanted to mess with.

means of contactemail, hangouts, slack
pb.Nishi Munshi
wanted storylines
The Mortal Husband: Or not mortal anymore? Roman was a devout Catholic, is he now? Where has he been since the world went to shit? Who knows, but he would be interesting to play. Can be Mortal or Deity.
The Immortal Spouse: Shiva, Kali's sometimes husband from Hindu Mythology. Lots of different available interpretations, but he would definitely make things interesting!
The Usurper: A character, Mortal or otherwise, who wants to take Jayati's little bit of turf. Through strength or deception.
The Puppeteer: Jayati from Before was more than willing to cede control of her life to someone else, Kali is not. However that tendency is still within her. Kali is a force of nature when her temper is out of control and near indestructive when in a Frenzy. Someone who knew how to manipulate the former weakness and take advantage of the latter strength would be a powerful foe against the other factions.

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“So she listened hard. And she began to evolve, because stories work their magic that way. They build conviction and erode conviction in equal measure.”
― Gregory Maguire, What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy

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